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TUESDAY-THURSDAY 4PM-7PM $2 Off Appetizers
$1 Off Bar Drinks

FRIDAYS 3PM-8PM $2 Off Appetizers
$1 Off Bar Drinks






Plantain Strips  8  [VEG][GF]
 Served with cilantro-serrano cream sauce & fruit relish

Hummus & Roasted Red Bell Pepper Hummus  10  [VEG][V] 
Homemade & served with cucumbers, kalamata olives & warm flatbread

Tomatoes Caprese   [VEG][GF]
Roma tomatoes topped with fresh mozzarella & homemade basil vinaigrette

Guacamole & Chips  9  [VEG] [V] [GF]
Our homemade guacamole

Artichoke & Spinach Dip  10  [VEG] 
A blend of parmesan, swiss & provolone cheeses, topped with pico de gallo, served with tortilla chips


*Always fresh & home made

Soup of the Day                                     Cup 3.50          Bowl 6.50
Chicken & Sausage Gumbo               Cup 4.50         Bowl 7.50


*Add grilled chicken breast $4, grilled portabella $4,  grilled shrimp $5, grilled salmon $6

Arugula Salad  11  [VEG][GF] Baby arugula tossed with cranberries, grapefruit slices, beets, purple onion,  toasted spicy walnuts, garbanzo beans & topped with warm walnut encrusted goat cheese in a balsamic vinaigrette         

Caesar Salad 11  [VEG] 
The classic favorite with roasted red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives, croutons & parmesan cheese

Spinach Salad  11   [VEG][GF] 
Fresh spinach tossed with avocado, red onion, tomatoes, seasonal strawberries, toasted spicy walnuts & crumbled bleu cheese in a raspberry vinaigrette          

Avocado Salad  12    [GF]  
Avocado, bacon, red onion, jicama, grapefruit & orange slices on a bed of mixed field greens with sun dried tomato chipotle dressing on the side

Garden Salad  5   [VEG] [V] [GF]
Mixed field greens, cucumbers, shredded carrots & cherry tomatoes in a lemon-olive oil vinaigrette


Our all natural beef is humanely raised and vegetarian fed. No antibiotics or added growth hormones.
All burgers served with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo & pickle on the side
Served with fresh hand cut fries or potato salad, substitute sweet potato fries $1
*Burgers may be prepared gluten-free by requesting gluten-free bread $1 [GF]

Old Fashioned Cheese  12
Cheddar cheese

Bacon Cheese Burger  13
Cheddar cheese

Mushroom Swiss  12
Carmelized onions

Veggie Black Bean Burger  12
Guacamole and chipotle mayo

California Chicken  12
Provolone, avocado and jalapeno aioli


Fish Tacos  11 [GF]
Topped with purple onions & cabbage on corn tortillas with guacamole and cilantro-serrano cream sauce served with chips & salsa

*Sandwiches below served with french fries
*Substitute fresh fruit or sweet potato fries for $1
*Gluten-friendly bread substitution $1

Italian Muffelatta 11
Smoked turkey breast, ham, provolone, lettuce, & tomato with fresh olive dressing on our homemade herbed focaccia bread

French Dip  12
Thinly sliced roast beef & caramelized onions on a toasted baguette served with horseradish sauce & au jus 

Chicken Breast Baguette  12
Grilled & topped with sauteed onion & red bell pepper, tomato, baby arugula and provolone, with basil mayo

Club Sandwich 12
Smoked turkey, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, provolone & mayo on toasted whole wheat bread

Fantasy 11
Ham, avocado, tomato, & provolone with mayo served on a baguette

Chicken Salad on Wheat  11
Walnut, apple, celery, baby arugula and light mayo

Reuben 11
Corned beef, sauerkraut & swiss served with 1000 island dressing on marbled rye

Smoked Turkey Focaccia
Provolone, avocado, baby arugula, tomato & side of basil vinaigrette


*Entrees served with herbed basmati rice & sautéed vegetables

Maple Mustard Grilled Salmon  18   [GF]
Grilled & topped with maple-mustard glaze

Grilled Breast of Chicken  15    [GF]
Topped with parsley-green onion chef sauce

Grilled Chicken Teriyaki  15   [GF]
Herbed basmati rice topped with black beans & pico de gallo with sautéed vegetables

Rainbow Trout 17   [GF]
Grilled & topped with parsley-green onion chef sauce

Ribeye  20
12 oz. grilled ribeye served with mashed potatoes & sautéed vegetables

Pasta Puttanesca 12  [VEG]
Kalamata olives, capers, artichoke hearts, fire-roasted tomatoes, basil, garlic & olive oil served over linguini & topped with parmesan cheese
Add grilled chicken breast $4, grilled portabello $4, grilled shrimp $6, grilled salmon $6

Southwestern Delight  15    [VEG] [V] [GF]
Grilled Portabello mushroom, herbed basmati rice topped with black beans, pico de gallo, served with sautéed vegetables, guacamole and tortilla chips

***[VEG] Vegetarian       [V] Vegan      [G]Gluten-Friendly